We developed comprehensive services in every aspect, in order to optimize athletes’ performance and develop their talent.

Sporting Events
Local/Global Affiliates
Participating Athletes

Sports Marketing.

We focus on the promotion of sports events and athletes, promotion of other products and services through sporting events.

Brand Management.

We analyse and plan how our brands are perceived in the market while developing a good relationship with the target market.

Sports Procurement.

This is a driver basically. Procurement holds the potential to accelerate innovation and drive step changes in costs and performance levels.

Community Relations.

We encourage our clients to participate in charity & socially conscious activities. We are prepared to assist the clients/athletes in foundation development, event planning, media awareness, fundraising & any other charitable program in other to achieve their objectives.

Contract Negotiation.

Nilayo sports management has solidified itself in the sports marketplace. Our management team uses extensive preparation, research and planing to generate maximum compensation for our clients. We strive to establish new standards in the sports industry.

Personal Attention.

As a client of Nilayo Sports Management Company, you are your own boss. As professionals, we work as your personal executive team. We are here to provide guidance in all areas of the professional lifestyle and to protect your best interest in every endeavour.