FC NILAYO is established as a football club of choice. It is run according to how a football club operates. It is solely for football, entertainment, business, youth development and a tool for empowerment.
FC NILAYO thrives in a conducive environment in order to provide quality football training for the players as a stepping stone in optimizing their social and physical state
of mind.
We are committed to ensuring best practice in football which will therefore be exhibited to the admiration of all and sundry that will have contact with the club.  To this end, coaches and players are recruited and groomed with the above mind-set.On the economic point of view, the club is open to doing business with clubs of like minds within the confines of the rules of the game as stipulated by the body governing football in the world (FIFA)
FC NILAYO is dedicated to youth development by way of launching the youth to a bigger stage in football and also an empowerment tool from the vices of society.